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Permanent Podcast: Real Talk About Private Equity and Buying, Selling, and Operating Small Businesses

Mar 22, 2023

When you have money in the bank, you expect it to be there for your use. But the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and others that followed have highlighted uncertainties in the system. What happened? And what can you do to mitigate your risk? Our new CFO Nikki Galloway and CIO Tim Hanson sit down with David Cover to share three ways you can mitigate your banking risk.



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1:12 Who’s Fault Is It?

2:14 Nikki the New Girl

7:18 Explaining Tim’s Jokes

8:58 What Happened with SVB?

17:29 What’s Happening Now?

20:29 The Wives of Permanent Equity Love Tim’s Newsletter

22:18 Nikki’s 3 Ways to Mitigate Your Banking Risk

27:48 #3 Will Shock You ;) 

31:01 David Gets Sidetracked by Sirens & Sports

35:12 Nikki & Tim Try to Get David Back On Topic

36:28 Visit for More

37:28 Legal Disclaimer 



Produced by David Cover

Intro music by Andrew Camp, David Cover, Scott Johnson, Andrew Luley, & Dave Wilton

Outro music by Ghost Beatz



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