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Permanent Podcast: Real Talk About Private Equity and Buying, Selling, and Operating Small Businesses

Jan 31, 2023

Shane Parrish (The Knowledge Project & Farnam Street) explains why your New Year's resolutions won't last, the importance of ritual, and his most costly mistakes as an investor in the first episode of a new series on the Permanent Podcast called Outside Insights. 


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Shane mentions Buffet: The Making of an American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein (44:12)

Brent mentions Todd Peterson and Illuminations (31:22) 

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0:00 Intro & About Shane Parrish

3:40 Meat and Greet

6:03 Why New Years Resolutions Always Fail

10:30 Ritual vs Discipline

13:59 From Intelligence to Knowledge

19:30 Two Kinds of Knowledge: Tactic and Perspective

22:31 Why Should People Care About Continuous Learning?

27:28 The Best Sources of Knowledge

33:06 What Should You Stop Doing?

36:47 A Good Position is Better Than A Good Decision

39:06 Efficiency vs Relationships

41:34 Shane the Investor

45:42 Biggest Mistakes You See New Investors Make

52:38 How Has Growing Your Resources Changed You?

55:07 What Would You Tell Your 30-Year-Old Self?

57:17 Five Minute Management & More Coming on the Permanent Podcast