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Permanent Podcast: Real Talk About Private Equity and Buying, Selling, and Operating Small Businesses

Feb 22, 2023

Companies don’t stay small on purpose. So how can you scale faster? Anu Hariharan (Gusto, Instacart) discusses the growing pains of going from start-up to success, how to grow as a builder and a manager, the importance of ruthless prioritization, and shares new technologies to help SMBs unlock their operations, and customer support. 



Tech to help SMBs:


Stripe Atlas 



Mix Panel

Live Flow


Plan Grid



Other Mentions by Anu:





Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System by Satoshi Nakamoto



Learn more about Anu’s role as Managing Director of YC Continuity Fund

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0:00 Who Is Anu?

5:00 This One Time at Capital Camp

6:19 Characteristics of a Successful Founder

11:01 The Two Stages of Scaling

13:02 Biggest Mistakes Founders Make

17:12 Hiring From the Outside vs Internal Development

20:37 Learning How to Deal with People

20:04 Builders vs Managers

27:16 How to Hire a Builder

30:39 Why Do Companies Fail?

32:35 What Silicon Valley Has Lost

34:51 Dealing With Stress

37:22 What it Takes to Succeed 

40:47 Helpful Tech for SMB

46:54 Emerging Technology

48:33 Lightning Round Hariharan Hot Takes

60:43 How to Win in 2023 and Beyond

64:24 What Drives You

66:36 Where We're Going

68:01 Legal Disclaimer



Produced by David Cover

Intro music by David Cover, Andy Freeman, Rhett Johnson, & Andrew Luley

Outro music by Jees Guy



This podcast is made available solely for educational purposes, and the information presented here does not constitute investment, legal, tax or other professional advice, and should not be construed as an offering of advisory services, or as a solicitation to buy, an offer to sell, or a recommendation of any securities or other financial instruments. The thoughts and opinions expressed by or through this podcast are those of the individual guests and speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Permanent Equity. The discussion on this podcast of any entity, product or service does not imply an endorsement thereof, and the guests may have a financial interest, whether through investment or otherwise, in one or more of any such entities, products or services. This podcast is presented by Permanent Equity and may not be copied, reproduced, republished or posted, in any form, without its express written consent.